Tuesday, October 24, 2006

2 Personalities, 1 love

I got married on Oct 14th, about 2 weeks ago, My wife will be leaving her job back home to come join me in about a months time.

This is the first time we will be loiving together as couples and I cant wait for her to come. coming to join me in about a month and I am taking stock o

 and Im reveiwng my life, If I were to mark my past life I would score 0 out of 10 in organization

Me:                     Im always looking for my socks, shorts and shoes in the morning

My Baby:                Shes already chosen hers the night before, down to her undies and shoes

Me:                     I often wake up on Monday morning to find out that all my clothes are dirty, let alone talk about ironing

My Baby:                She does her ironing a week in advance, she irons the clothes she would wear for the whole week on Sunday.

Me:                     I often give presentaions at work, I only review it 30 minuste to time

My Baby:                She takes time out to study with a view to impressing

Me:                     I attack my food venoumously, and resigns after about average 5 sponfools/mouthfull

My Baby:                She eats slowly, her balls of eba is like an ants but finishes the food all the same

Me:                     When I am displeased about something

Todays event, There a suprise office party to a colleague who recently got married (in Cuba), we gathered on the 4th floor, drank wine, juices and ate cakes and gave a toast for a wonderful married life. I got chatting with the Director (I am new at the organizaytuon, only 4 days old, resumed right after my wedding)  who asked me how I am getting on with the new Job, she said thre isnt many wedding here so it call