Saturday, October 28, 2006

Phallic Glory I

At Work.

It suddenly throbbed into sight as soon as I adjusted the blinds, oh mi gawd! I exclaimed aloud and turned my attention from my work to the gigantic sight in view. There it stood in all its phallic glory, flanked by two testicles-like companions – how could I have missed out on this erotic view up until now.

I reached for my camera avoiding the probing gaze of my colleague who was worried by my sudden distracted and excited state.

I focused my camera and zoomed in on my object of desire, gawd! This thing is so huge; I felt a voyeuristic tingling all over me as I pressed the shutter repeatedly.

I sat down and downloaded the image unto my machine; I have captured it so beautifully, so suggestively. I attached the image and emailed it to the female colleague sitting directly in front of my desk. The subject line was; ‘the shape of things to come tonight!’

I saw her draw her breadth as she read the mail, a smile playing across her lips as she looked at me and mouthed ‘bad boy’.

I smiled back and prayerfully willed myself to become a psychic just for one minute so I could read her thoughts; I bet my life she was imagining herself touching its glans, that topmost tip. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking if it will recoil at a feminine touch, will it pulsate if she held those tender hands around that monstrous shaft?

With the erotic gherkin standing tall in all its magnificent erectness outside my window, work would be fun after all, all I would need would be furtive glances outta my window from time to time. LIKE NOW!

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