Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Random Emails

At Work. 17.22pm.

I’m 4 days old on this job and so far I’ve had no cause to complain. This is a smaller organization but responsibilities here are similar to my old job. I would like to stay here for the next 2 years and in that space of time shoot up the ladder. I found out that it’s easier to move up in smaller or medium sized charities than in big ones, I think salaries tend to be higher too.

I’m getting on top of issues here and I am happy that I hit the ground running. Even without a proper induction, I’ve started my work in full swing already; I now know about 10 staff members by name now and would have done better if we are all on the same floor. Work here isn’t as tedious as my old job and that’s the main attraction for me, I need to devote some time and resources to myself and my baby (my wife).

There was a surprise office party today for a colleague who recently got married (in Cuba), about the same time as me. Because I joined this organization 3 days after my wedding, no one knows about my recent wedding, I mentioned it to the Director as we were chatting and he publicly announced it to other staff amongst cheers and toasts.

Everybody is asking for the photographs, especially my old colleagues, they want to see a Nigerian wedding in pictures. It’s a pity that I still don’t have the photographs as they weren’t ready before I left Naija.

I thought it’s be fun to post a few of my work emails here:


E-mail introducing me to staff members on my first day in my new job.

Sent: 18 October 2006 10:56
To: All at XXX
Subject: New DRFO

Dear All,

Yinka XXXXX has joined XXX as XXXXX. He was with XXX in a similar role.

He will be meeting those of you in the office later this morning followed up with 1 to 1 meetings with some, particularly project coordinators.

XXX who has been covering for Yinka, is on a one week break. She will be back in the office on 23 October to work with Yinka for one week.




Email from my ‘replacement’ in my old job who wants to meet with me to clarify handover issues

Sent: 18 October 2006 13:54
To: Yinka XXX
Subject: RE: back

Hello Yinka my friend

Welcome back, you are badly missed MAN. Good to know that things went fine with you. Sure you will take some time to settle in new job but you are experienced therefore it won’t be a problem.

On my side things are going fine except North Sudan. Looks like some files are missing in field accounts folders for Jun, July and August. I will appreciate if we can have a look into it. XXX was unable to reconcile just because of small error but she did well. We just reconciled it today and I sent it back to her, Now she will start on BVAs as we have some reports due this month.

I will finish Ramadan this week and then we can meet. You got married and you got good job therefore treat is due from your side. All the best and try to spare some time so that we can discuss North Sudan and other countries much more properly as I know a bit now.

Take care



Tel: XXX


Ex-colleagues from my old job

Sent: 18 October 2006 15:13
To: Yinka XXX
Subject: RE: here

YINKA!!!!! Hey! How are you?! It’s great to hear from you – I hope that you had a FANTASTIC wedding! And definitely send us some photos soon.

How’s the new job going so far? What are the people like? I suppose it’s a bit difficult to tell on your first day…

All is well here – probably because I’m leaving next Friday! You and your lovely wife are more than welcome to join me for my leaving do if you’d like – we’re going to the Fountain, just behind the office. I have been given the Roving FAM position, so I’ll be out to the field at the beginning of December. Before that, I’m moving house, going to Vancouver for 3 weeks and coming back to do a handover to the new Financial Controller (yes, they finally recruited one, but he starts after I leave!).

Take care of yourself, and don’t work too hard…



From a friend, an HR guru

From: XXX
Sent: 23 October 2006 08:41
To: Yinka XXX
Subject: RE: XXX

habba Yinka!, I didn't even know you were travelling. I remember you mentioned about your wedding sometime ago.

anyway, how's your wife doing? have you started your new job and how's that going as well?

With regards to job for your wife, I can say without a doubt in my mind that you already know the ropes. However, I can chip in this or that suggestions when needed.

See you guys one of these days and have a lovely week.



Its 18.00pm now and I’d better go home. I hope I find my bus pass in the rubble in my bag

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